Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching


Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching, or CCAC, is the name Willa Hallowell gives to the service that she and her coaches perform to assist expatriates and their family members (if any) to settle into their new nation and culture knowledgeably, skillfully, comfortably, and ultimately contentedly.

CCAC is family- and community-oriented. It’s intended for single assignees as well as those with a spouse or partner. We’ve even delivered it for couples who relocated with one of their mothers!

To learn about our coaching of expat children, visit Programs for Spouses and Third Culture Kids.

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Willa Hallowell’s Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching, or CCAC, designates a coaching approach that Willa began developing during the late 1990s. Here are the principal characteristics of CCAC:

  • CCAC is grounded in the same principles as our executive (leadership) coaching. For details, visit our brief explanation of how GLOBAL LEADERSHIP COACHING was developed.
  • CCAC is delivered by the same senior executive (leadership) coaches who deliver our GLOBAL LEADERSHIP COACHING. Below these bullet-points is information about Willa Hallowell’s coaches.
  • Unlike executive coaching, CCAC is almost always delivered during one full day, or two half days. Willa Hallowell’s coach always travels to the expatriate’s home to deliver the coaching.
  • Unlike executive coaching, CCAC makes use of a participant manual that’s partly about the host nation, partly about the skills of adaptability. The manual aids our coach’s empathetic support of the family; it is not a curriculum or agenda for the program.
  • We prefer to deliver CCAC two or three weeks after the assignee and his or her family (if any) have taken up residence in their new host community; that’s when CCAC is optimally effective.

Read former coachees’ testimonials for Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching.


Most of our competitors make sure to use a trainer or coach with some experience in the target (host) country. Willa Hallowell has significantly higher standards:

  • Our coaches are fully trained, highly experienced, leadership/executive coaches.
  • Coaches have both lived and worked in the target (host) country for a substantial period.
  • If we have no coach with substantial target-country experience, we find a “resource person” who has that experience, and partner him or her with our coach during the entire day.
  • Typically, Willa Hallowell’s coaches have had living and working experience more than one foreign countries. Almost all are at least bilingual.
  • Before engaging any coach candidate, we obtain references from three of his or her former executive coachees. We seek outstanding human beings capable of empathy and warmth.
  • Willa Hallowell personally trains each coach who is new to this role, and personally supports all of her coaches in this role.