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These testimonials are from corporate clients for whom GROVEWELL LLC provided large-group training, and (two at the bottom of this page) for whom Willa Hallowell and Dr. Cornelius Grove provided consulting services.
Webinar attendees, Global Team Collaboration training, Peugeot Citroën

“More than tools, we are learning perspectives or behavior.”

“This webinar group is particularly interesting [reports GROVEWELL associate and webinar facilitator Kay Jones] because so many of the people already have some cross-cultural experience. The final comments at the end of today’s (06 June 2017) webinar were great:

  • More than tools, we are learning perspectives or behavior.
  • We shall never stop doing this.
  • Keep the mind open while not relying too strongly on docs and tools.
  • If all people use the appropriate behavior, the world could be better.
  • Interesting to invest time at the beginning of a business relationship with someone in a foreign culture to improve mid-term effectiveness and efficiency.

Céline Williams, International Talent Development, Peugeot Citroën

“GROVEWELL‘s stamina and creativity were a valuable support as I was driving change in a global organization.”

“Over the past four years, we have developed with GROVEWELL a very strong and effective partnership that has been highly beneficial to our organisation. Thanks to a creative collaboration between our teams, we have co-designed and delivered a true global intercultural training system that fits the exact needs of our organization.

We have together managed to get the flexibility and agility that enables us as an organization not only to develop our international talents but also to impact our corporate culture with one single corporate programme.

I would describe GROVEWELL’s associates as genuinely committed to making things happen, always open to creative ways to reach the targeted results. They have an incredible faith in what they do and are very knowledgeable in many areas of people development. I also found that their stamina and creativity were a very valuable support to me especially as I was in a situation of driving change in a global organization. Beyond being intercultural experts and coaches, they display that learning spirit at all levels of the project management. Working closely with GROVEWELL’s associates has also embarked my team on a learning journey. We have developed a true pleasure to work together and it makes everything possible!”

Thanks a lot. These two [training events] were probably the best courses I have taken at [company name].  I hope I can remember to put the ideas into practice!

E-mail from a trainee to his trainer

Christel Arce Lizano, Regulatory Team for Latin America & USA, Johnson & Johnson

“The team kept mentioning Low- and High-Context during the rest of the week in our conversations.”

“It was indeed a very successful training and Liliana [Loeffler’s] commitment was evident during the session. I received only positive comments after the training:

The team kept mentioning Low- and High-Context during the rest of the week in our conversations. Even with jokes it was very interesting to see that they understood the concept and can, now, differentiate when someone is communicating in Low- or High-Context. This awareness is very important for our team, especially because we need to make an impact in our communication with U.S. colleagues.

At the end of the [4-day-long] meeting on Thursday, the team received a survey. For most people the session about cross-cultural communications was one of the highlights of the week.”

Felicia Owen Wong, human resources manager at PMC-Sierra

“Most important to us, GROVEWELL‘s training is highly customized for PMC-Sierra’s leaders.”

“GROVEWELL has delivered quality leadership training within several of our world regions; the focus of each 2-day training program was on improving global working relationships within PMC-Sierra.

GROVEWELL stands apart from a number of learning providers as it approaches corporate training and leadership development from a quality management point of view.  They do not just “give” us courses; their client service is excellent.  We know that GROVEWELL will take care of every detail and ensure, to every extent possible, that the experience matches our needs.  They are highly responsive and collaborative.  Their program content is extremely solid, and practically applicable.

Most important to us, GROVEWELL‘s training is highly customized for PMC-Sierra’s leaders.  Prior to developing the training for PMC-Sierra, GROVEWELL conducted thorough interviews with several key leaders and employees in our global sites to ensure that GROVEWELL‘s program development/delivery would be aligned to our learning needs.

PMC-Sierra’s partnership with GROVEWELL is greatly regarded by our employees, all levels including senior leadership, as an organization that provides high quality global training.  The training/facilitation is highly interactive and engaging for the participants, it is having a positive impact on our global employees, and the instructors are considered top-notch.”

Yesterday we had a our [China] training and based on the response I received from the participants I can see that is was a great success.  Thanks, Barry, for your intense and to-the-point transmission of the message!

Spontaneous e-mail from a Netherlands-based client to trainer Barry Spaulding

Cécile Baudon, Human Resources, ENHESA

“Virginia did an excellent job, which was totally adapted to the audience.”

“My team and I have a very good feedback on Virginia’s training last week. It was definitely well received, even by those who were the most adverse to it (yes, we had some resistance to the training session). Virginia did an excellent job, which sometimes was closer to group therapy than sales training but totally adapted to the audience”

John G. Nathan, senior director at Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

“Our Team Captains attribute their success to the leadership coaching they received from your group.”

“It is approximately one year since GROVEWELL‘s team provided coaching and training for the then newly formed Global Task Force (GTF).  Looking back, it is obvious that GROVEWELL helped Wyeth Consumer Healthcare and the GTF achieve great results.  John Incledon, SVP, Global New Products, stated, ‘…the training was excellent.  The excitement and enthusiasm conveyed by attendees was palpable.  Communication was open and frank.  My perspective on this is that objectives were exceeded….’

“GTF member survey results indicate Team Captains are demonstrating strong leadership and excellent teamwork, and that cross-cultural relationships within the GTF are thriving.  Our Team Captains attribute their success to the leadership coaching they received from your group and to GROVEWELL‘s Toolkit for Team Leaders.”

Thank you for the excellent course!  I truly enjoyed the course and I learned many useful theories and practical ideas that I can use every day!  I also understood many issues that were in my mind or that I deal with constantly.

E-mail from a trainee to his trainer

Suzanne K. Brown, senior manager at Johnson & Johnson

“GROVEWELL has been an excellent resource for my organization.”

“I manage a highly diverse, global team with complex organizational deliverables.  Our success and the value we can add to our organization is dependent upon our ability to come together as a high-performing team. GROVEWELL has been an excellent resource for my organization.  Through a series of coaching and training sessions with GROVEWELL, we laid the framework for my team’s direction and operating guidelines. Since these interactions, my team continues to strengthen not only the delivery of our results but also the way the team provides them.”

Andrea Harvey, manager at Johnson & Johnson

“Thank you for your collaborative approach and your exceptional ability to customize your services.”

“GROVEWELL has impressed us in providing workshops that are genuinely tailored for our participants.  The goal of GROVEWELL‘s workshops is on coaching individuals, not imparting predetermined content to the family group.  Your team knows the theory but emphasizes the relationship, which is what enables them to be so responsive and flexible.  Yet, even though GROVEWELL‘s workshop manuals don’t drive the process, you have altered them several times as you’ve learned more about the common concerns and challenges of J&J’s IDP [International Developmental Program] participants.  IDP families often tell me how much they’ve benefitted from GROVEWELL‘s coaching.

“Cornelius and Willa, it’s been a pleasure, personally and professionally, to be working with you, your manager, and with all your associates.   Thank you for your professionalism, your collaborative approach, your openness to feedback, and your exceptional ability to customize your services for Johnson & Johnson.”

Steve Morrow, manager at Johnson & Johnson

“I think the real benefit came from not learning from a ‘canned’ program but applying real life examples….”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gary Wederspahn and your organization for providing an excellent cultural awareness session to our team in June.  The session was customized based on our joint input and really touched on all identified areas with a very positive outcome.  The general consensus was that the content was just right given our time constraint and provided a perfect overview of issues that we face as both global team members as well as global team leaders.

“I think the real benefit came from not learning from a ‘canned’ program but applying real life examples experienced by both the instructor and participants.  We look forward to taking a deeper dive into the area of cultural awareness in upcoming meetings and look forward to working with your team in the future.”

It could be even a 3 or more days workshop. I would consider this helpful!

Verbatim comment on a coachee’s evaluation form

Julie Hoesterey, manager at Deloitte & Touche

“The network of facilitators and leaders in the field of cross-cultural training that you bring to us is superior.”

“Your programs, which are designed to meet the needs of our professionals and their families transferring in and out of the United States, have been outstanding.  In addition, the counsel and guidance you provide to our firm in order to continually improve our ability to foster successful assignments is appreciated.  The on-going dialogue to assess the needs of our specific population and the individual follow-up with our employees is evidence of your interest in the success of each person who participates in one of your programs.

“The network of facilitators and leaders in the field of cross-cultural training that you bring to us is superior.  Each session is led by first-class professionals who are well versed in issues of adjustment to life overseas and cross-cultural communication, as well as bringing specific knowledge of the countries of origin/destination of the participants.  The programs are comprehensive and clear in content, while remaining personal, allowing for sharing among participants.

“Our employees and their families consistently rate the cultural training programs among the best and most important aspect of their preparation for life abroad.  I thank you for playing a critical role in the success of our global program.”

Wendy Siegel, manager at Deloitte Consulting

“As promised, your program was fully customized. We have received rave reviews from our participants.”

“The program you delivered to our new hires from India was comprehensive, interactive, informative, and enjoyable.  Your facilitators immediately put them at ease and allowed them to feel completely comfortable and in the perfect frame of mind to begin the cross-cultural session.

“It was evident that your team had surely ‘done their homework.’  All of the input from my end was fully incorporated into the program design.  As promised, your program was truly customized to meet each of our needs.  The research and interviews you conducted prior to the training really made all the difference.

“Our participants were able to benefit from your instructor’s expertise and savvy in the intercultural arena.  Their experience and professionalism were truly appreciated.  It is quite clear that you all take a great deal of pride in your work and have a true commitment to intercultural learning.

“We have received rave reviews from our participants. . . .”

Robin Godinez, manager at Bell Atlantic (now Verizon)

“What is unique about GROVEWELL is their ability to customize to address specific needs and concerns.”

“Based on my personal interactions with GROVEWELL, as well as feedback received from Pathway cross-cultural program participants, I believe that the GROVEWELL facilitators and coaches are extremely professional, exceptionally knowledgeable, and exhibit a much-needed sense of compassion toward the individual needs of each family selected by Bell Atlantic for an international assignment.

“What is unique about GROVEWELL program offerings is their ability to customize programs [to] address specific needs and concerns of the individual family.

“I highly recommend GROVEWELL LLC to those organizations interested in providing professional cross-cultural preparation as an integral part of their international assignment program.  They did everything expected and more.”

Philip Crusco, owner of SPT International

“GROVEWELL‘s in-country specialists are very knowledgeable.”

“GROVEWELL has consistently provided the logistical, cultural, and business integration services necessary for expatriates and their families to quickly become productive in their new host country.  Their in-country specialists form an extensive network and are very knowledgeable; they help busy HR people deliver the essential services that assist international transferees to quickly acclimate.”

It was a very interesting training! I learned a lot thanks to you. And some little things have started to change in my life! 🙂

Trainee’s chat-room comment during last meeting of a 7-session blended-learning course

Aanchal Kumar, trainee at Deloitte Consulting

“I find myself applying [the training] in my day-to-day interaction and experiences here.”

“We had a great time in Dallas!  Thanks for the wonderful training program that you guys organized for us.

“It was really helpful and I find myself applying it in my day-to-day interaction and experiences here.  It has led to a better understanding and sense of consciousness in me.  Not only does it help me to understand the behavior of people around me, but also my own reaction to various situations that I find myself in.

“It was a very good learning experience and I am sure I will remember it throughout the course of my stay here [in the U.S.]!”

Mary Scelba, manager at Chubb & Son

“Striking was their quick response, willingness to understand our needs, and depth of knowledge.”

“Most striking was their quick response, willingness to understand our needs, and depth of knowledge.  They developed an excellent expatriation coaching and support program that has received excellent feedback from our employees.  Any and all requests to revise and edit the workshop to fit our corporate culture and specific needs of our employees have been met in a quality and timely manner.  I highly recommend Grovewell’s services to any corporation….”

Mary Ann Walk, HR chief of an AT&T unit

“Grove and Hallowell’s professional background in research and diversity was extremely valuable.”

“Dr. Cornelius Grove and Willa Hallowell were extremely professional and knowledgeable as they conducted extensive interviews with employees of our business unit.  I was pleased with the work of GROVEWELL.  Their professional background in the area of research and diversity was extremely valuable.  Our senior executives were engaged in thinking about diversity from a new, fresh perspective.  Thank you, GROVEWELL!”

Ellen Van Velsor, research director, Center for Creative Leadership

“They delivered everything we agreed to, oftentimes more than required, always in a timely fashion.”

“Cornelius and Willa have consistently delivered everything we agreed to, oftentimes delivering more than required, always in a timely fashion.  Their work has been of the highest quality in terms of conceptual thinking and the creativity and professionalism of its design.  They always seem to have the project in mind, spontaneously sending us many useful ideas and suggestions.  I look forward to continuing our work with them and recommend them highly to others.”