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What Is Intercultural Consulting?, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell, GROVEWELL, 1999, revised 2002. [This is GROVEWELL‘s 4-page introduction to the origins, purposes, and methods of intercultural services.]

Cross-Cultural “Specialized Knowledge, by C. Grove. GROVEWELL, 1998. [This document overviews the characteristics of the professional field of intercultural communications; prepared at the request of the U.S. Government.]

Adapting to Difference, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. Posted on “Catalyzing,” the blog of, during August 2013. [Answers to three questions about adaptation during encounters with global diversity, both at home and abroad.]

Global Teamwork & Cultural Differences, by Gary Wederspahn. GROVEWELL, 2005.

Making the Case for Intercultural Coaching and Training, by Gary Wederspahn. GROVEWELL, 2002. Originally in International HR Journal, Summer 2000. [Here slightly revised.]

On the Design and Delivery of Intercultural Training (Properly Understood), by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. GROVEWELL, 2002. [This is GROVEWELL‘s definitive statement concerning its performance-focused intercultural training. The paper emphasizes that such training is primarily for the purpose of behavior modification.]

Building Global Business Relationships: The Roles of Social Capital, Emotional Competence, and Intercultural Communication Skill, by C. Grove. GROVEWELL, 2001. Revised, 2015.

An Assessment of Assessment Instruments for Expat Candidate Selection, by C. Grove, 2001. Revised, 2015.

Spinning Your Wheels? Successful Global Teams Know How to Gain Traction, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. HRMagazine Focus, April 1998.

Who Is Responsible for Whom?, by C. Grove. GROVEWELL, 1996. [Compares American and Japanese values.]

What Is Culture Shock?, by C. Grove, GROVEWELL, 1995. [About the physiology of culture shock.]

A New Conceptualization of Intercultural Adjustment and the Goals of Training, by C. Grove & Ingemar Torbiörn. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1985. [Winner of two awards for excellence.]