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Willa Hallowell Coaching

During GROVEWELL’s 31 years, Willa Hallowell and her business partner, Dr. Cornelius Grove, received many compliments from their associates. We didn’t think of collecting them until seven or eight years ago. Here are the ones we’ve kept since then.
“As a new coach with GROVEWELL, I really appreciated your coordination, follow-up, and positioning – I wish all consulting/coaching firms I work with had someone like you.”

Nicky Westhead, a new coach, in an email to GROVEWELL‘s IDP Coordinator, Josephine Venton-Gough.

“Here it’s all about pride: proud to be part of the GROVEWELL community, proud to serve great clients, proud to enhance my experience and knowledge with people like both of you. You are really leading by example and this is quite rare to be warmly appreciated.”

Anne Damoiseaux, as part of an email to GROVEWELL‘s two partners.

“Thank you for making working with you so easy and full of joy. Everyone I have been in contact with in your team has been professional, supportive and graceful. I am so happy to be working with you all.”

Fatima Nakhjavanpur, as part of an end-of-year greeting to the partners and staff of GROVEWELL.

“GROVEWELL are and continue to be the most conscientious and ethical of business partners. It is always a pleasure to work with you.”

Tom Hoogewerf, replying to an e-mail from a partner correcting a professional fee to him that had been misstated.

“I want to thank you all – Willa, Josephine, and Cornelius – for this opportunity to work with you. I have enjoyed our interactions from the very beginning. I love how you work, I love your materials, and I love how you develop relationships with your coaches and your clients. I’m so thrilled to be a small part of your team and I look very forward to all future opportunities we may have to work together.”

Michelle Clarke, after her first experience coaching for GROVEWELL.

“Working with GROVEWELL is quite exceptional, as it is based on trust and open communication. I really appreciate this and will support GROVEWELL, the best I can.”

Lydia Simon, replying to an e-mail from a partner with many details about a coaching assignment being offered to her.

“Thank you for taking time out of your weekend to answer this e-mail. Appreciate it.”

Sharon Tan, e-mail to staff member Josephine Venton-Gough.

“Often, I am prompted to say a few words about GROVEWELL during our [expatriate] coaching sessions, and I am always proud to enthusiastically say what an ethical, warm-spirited, and highly effective company it is. Thank you for the years of making me a part of what you do.”

Children’s coach Yuri Marder, in an e-mail to a partner.

“Thanks for the resource [person] information – I wish all training companies had such high standards when selecting resource presenters.”

Maureen Rabotin, reacting to details sent to her by a partner about the selection of resource persons.

“Thanks to Josephine’s outstanding prep work, I felt very well set up for these programs.”

Edith Coron to a partner about staff member Josephine Venton-Gough.

“Thanks for the constructive comments which will make the coaching plan more specific and the results more measurable.”

Michael Pantlin, reacting to a partner’s guidance in developing a detailed plan for a specific coachee.

“Thanks for this. I am impressed by the effective and professional way you operate. I really like you guys.”

Former associate Luke Wardle, after several e-mail exchanges in support of his coaching assignment

Following are excerpts from some of the messages received from GROVEWELL associates by Willa Hallowell and Cornelius Grove after they announced the closing of GROVEWELL after 31 years.
“GROVEWELL was the most thoughtful and humane company I have every worked for.”

Masae Araki, Japan

“I felt so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with both of you. It has shown me a different view of the corporate world than what I was used to.”

Swee Lin Teoh, Singapore

“These years with GROVEWELL were special for me. I learnt new approaches to cultural coaching, but I also learnt to monitor coaching and to manage partners and stakeholders more effectively. The environment you created made it a joy to work for GROVEWELL and to give my best.”

Michael David, India

“I’ve enjoyed the contact we’ve had over the years and the professional and thorough way GROVEWELL worked. You are both wonderful people to work with.”

Michael Pantlin, Netherlands

“It has been such a pleasure to have worked with you both. I have appreciated the thoughtful and caring way you have been, and I know so many clients will have benefitted from your expertise.”

Joy Ferguson, England

“I am so grateful for the integrity and generosity that GROVEWELL never wavered from. Willa, working with you as a coach was an endless inspiration. The way you approached each program with singular and undivided attention, exuberance, and knowledge. I always knew I was working with a master, someone who really cares.”

Yuri Marder, New Jersey

“Thank you for your fantastic support and insight over the years. You have been amazing friends over the years, and I hope we meet up again soon one day in the UK or USA.”

Tom Hoogewerf, England

“You have been an example of humanism and evolution to me. You still are!”

Laura Bertone, Argentina

“It’s been an honour and a privilege to have met and worked with you both.”

Lucy Shenouda, Canada

“It was a pleasure working with you and meeting your high standards of customer service that I was proud to be part of. I am only sorry I did not get to work with you sooner in my coaching career. You were very supportive and showed a lot of dedication to your clients.”

Carolyn Feuille, California

Addressed to Clark Fidelia, GROVEWELL‘s manager: “You were absolutely fantastic with all the support you kindly provided to me. You were always available to help me resolve any technical issue or anything else you could help with. Thank you so much, dear Clark.”

Liliana Loeffler, New Jersey

“My coachings for GROVEWELL were the best experiences of coaching I had, and I am so grateful that we were able to work together so openly and that you also understood and respected my thoughts. In a corporate environment this is often different.”

Lydia Simon, Germany

“Thank you very much for your warm, appreciative personalized letter [about GROVEWELL‘s closing]. This is again the signature of GROVEWELL – you do the maximum to the very end!”

Esther Knecht, Switzerland