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Willa Hallowell Coaching

The mission of Willa Hallowell Coaching is to help businesspeople who work across boundaries seize global opportunities and attain strategic and career objectives.

Willa Hallowell Coaching provides Global Leadership Solutions to individuals, teams, and business units that are active, or will soon become active, in the global marketplace. Willa Hallowell’s signature service is GLOBAL LEADERSHIP COACHING, which draws on research and best practices from two professional fields: executive coaching and intercultural consulting.

Willa Hallowell’s associate coaches – based in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and the Americas – are independent professionals with years of corporate leadership experience, extensive education and other qualifications, and long experience working and living across cultural and national boundaries.

Willa Hallowell’s services are genuinely global; i.e., global in substance and approach, in mindset and values — not merely in their availability across six continents.

Willa Hallowell Coaching is the heir and beneficiary of GROVEWELL LLC, which served the global business community for 31 years. During those three decades, Willa Hallowell led the consultancy’s leadership and cross-cultural coaching practices as one of two owners and partners.

As well, Willa Hallowell Coaching is an heir and beneficiary of the intercultural field. Founded around 1960 and based on research, the intercultural field is dedicated to developing practical solutions to the day-to-day challenges encountered by people who work with others across boundaries.

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